Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.
— Nathan W. Morris

Banner photo credit: Comedian Eric Robertson


Joey Lee and Lindsay are a married couple from North Carolina. They are known for scoffing at social norms, adventurous lifestyles, and their fearless antics as they trek the USA in an RV in search of their next exploit. 

Both were on the History Channel's 10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know with Henry Rollins. Although Joey Lee ended up mostly in the background, and on the cutting room floor, Lindsay managed to live out a fantasy with Rollins jumping in her lap - flirting for the cameras. 

Kato Kaelin, from the OJ Simpson saga, recently interviewed them both on Hollywood Blvd. Yet to be titled, that is set to air on the Discovery Channel some time in 2017. Joey Lee, fully aware of the mismatch regarding his wife's beauty, fully expects to be on the cutting room floor, once again. 

Finally, their latest - soon to be released - 2.5-hour interview with Hodari Sababu from Compton, L.A. is proof they are not afraid to visit some of America's most dangerous cities. You may know his stepson, the famous gangsta rapper, The Game. Hodari gave Joey Lee and Lindsay a private tour of Compton, South Central, and Skid Row. You won't believe some of his reveals!