You'll be checking your shoes and your family tree after this episode! Joey and Lindsay discuss the night Joey was bitten by a Black Widow which resulted in a 5-night stay at Sutter Health Hospital in Sacramento, CA. That RV Life can be rewarding and deadly! We also play an audio clip of a lady from Ohio telling a news reporter her cousin burned her house down. When the reporter asks if she knew why her cousin would want to do that, she replied: "He's angry because he can't get with me..."  

It's a long one. Listen to this podcast on a long drive or during a shift at work. There are some cool clips throughout the podcast, so don't skip ahead! The song at the end will make you laugh for days! 

Listen to the Podcast here!

Kissing Cousins
Black Widow Educational Clip

Don't Fu@k Your Cousin written and performed by Anna Dawson

Actual Black Widow that bit Joey pictured below!

Bless her heart

Bless her heart