Joey Lee Kirkman

NC Rep. Marcus Brandon District 60 and Joey Lee Kirkman

Joey Lee Kirkman is an award-winning activist with the ability to reach his audience in a personable, yet biting fashion.

In 2013, Kirkman earned a "Certificate of Acknowledgment of Leadership and Congratulations" from the North Carolina House of Representatives due to his activism during the 2012 marriage equality debates.

He was present during the Newton County Protest in 2012 in response to the lobby of religious fundamentalists, which resulted in his antics being seen on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Headline News, and more. 

He was the founder, executive producer, and co-host of the satirical Bully the Bullies Show, which aired in 2012. He has been a regular on iHeart Radio's Dogma Debate Radio Show (Now on PodcastOne) and is credited for breaking the story of a multifaceted corruption and cover-up scandal within the secular activist community.  

After spending a decade in the comedy business as a general manager, tour manager, publicist, consultant, and promoter, Joey decided to take a short hiatus to focus more on his own projects. He started a successful tax business and began writing and podcasting about the struggles his family endured due to extreme religious ideologies.  

2014 brought the release of Bedtime Bible Stories with his co-author, JD Shapiro (writer of the blockbuster hit, Robin Hood: Men in Tights). The book rose to #4 on 'Amazon's Hottest New Releases' and its purpose is to fight the pervasive extreme religious ideologies currently growing both in the southern states of America and abroad. In that spirit, Bedtime Bible Stories – EXPLICIT! was hatched out of exasperation at how America's religious-right leaders manipulate the media and the public for their own ends. It is a game in which they act as both the bully and the victim. What’s worse is these extremists play a role in electing government officials that perpetuate their prejudice views and pass laws that discriminate against those whom they have judged as inferior.

It is worth noting that Joey Lee Kirkman recently shed the label "atheist" due to the negative connotation the word has today, even among secular folks. As an author and activist, he witnessed the deterioration of the secular activist community from the inside. He watched as as well intentioned ‘social justice warriors’ nastily divided those working to fight theocratic encroachment, and in 2016 was himself a victim of a financial scandal that rocked the secular activist community.  

Today, Joey agrees with Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, on losing the atheist characterization and would rather promote the positive values that specific aspects of religions, especially spiritual philosophies, bring to people's lives and humanity as a whole. Joey believes that if you are not using your religion as a weapon, you should be free to practice as you see fit. However, if you are using your religion to hinder the happiness or freedoms of others, then society has an obligation to keep that in check.

Joey is not currently accepting new tax clients. However, he continues consulting for major comedy venues and creating content for podcasts and various mediums in Los Angeles, CA and NorCal. He recently produced a sold out LA Launch Party for Dogma Debate Radio and PodcastOne at The World Famous Comedy Store.